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Industry focused

We want to remove barriers to experimentation and empower people to achieve R&D insights not possible before, so we collaborated with industry to develop RheoCube - a breakthrough Digital R&D solution.


A collaborative, scientific approach underlines all of our work. That’s reflected in our team’s expertise and the robust techniques and theories behind RheoCube.

Our team

RheoCube is powered by Electric Ant Lab, a team of scientific programmers, scientists, modeling experts, developers and theoretical physicists. We are growing fast, and always seeking new talent. See our careers page, or send an open application to jobs@electricant.com

  • Daniel Suquilanda MSc.

    Sales Development Representative
  • Frederiek Strating

    Enterprise Account Manager
  • RJ Lee

    Enterprise Account Executive - Americas
  • Nicholas Benson

    Sales Development Representative
  • Merit van der Lee MSc.

    Scientific Consultant, Team Lead
  • Alberto Belmonte Parra PhD.

    Scientific Consultant
  • Mihai Gherghe MSc.

    Scientific Consultant
  • Carolien Vis PhD.

    Scientific Consultant
  • Fernando Moraes Silvera

    Back-end Developer, Team Lead
  • Roy Prins

    Front-end Developer, Team Lead
  • Rob Stringer

    Front-end Developer
  • Riccardo Steffan MSc.

    Back-end Developer
  • André Nunes PhD.

    Modeling Expert
  • Jeffrey Noel PhD.

    Modeling Expert
  • Quingguan Xie PhD.

    Modeling Expert
  • Christophe Vaillant PhD.

    Modeling expert
  • Nick Tito PhD.

    Principle Scientist & Modeling Expert
  • Claris de Vries

    Student Research Assistant
  • Sandra Veen PhD.

    Sr. Research Scientist
  • Evelyn Demirchian

    Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Jenny Maat MSc.

    Marketing Team Lead
  • Alexander Chalikiopoulos MSc.

    Back-end Developer
  • Pepijn Bakker PhD.

    Scientific Programmer
  • Margriet Palm, PhD

    Senior Scientific Programmer, Team Lead
  • Miron van der Kolk, MSc.

    Scientific Programmer
  • Chloe Comstock

    Product Owner
  • Celine Gelissen

    Executive Assistant
  • Jurjen van Rees

    Co-CEO, COO, CCO
  • Eric Lorenz PhD.

    Founder, Co-CEO, CTO
  • Youri Ran

    PhD. Student

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