The first solution of its kind

RheoCube is the first digital R&D software to offer a scientifically validated alternative to physical lab experimentation. It has a broad commercial application. Our clients come from a range of industries, such as coatings, homecare, or cosmetics

Designed by and for scientists

Trial & error experimentation at scale

This software solution is ready-to-use and browser-based. Designed for and by scientists, it requires minimal training to get started. R&D scientists can run multiple, simultaneous experiments, collaborate virtually with global colleagues, and access on-demand high performance computing (HPC). It becomes much easier to find optimal rheological profiles, and discover what formulations work, and why. All of this information is held in RheoCube, giving the company a single source of truth on formulations, and a new source of IP.

Easy workflows

The workflow in RheoCube is similar to that of a real life lab. Scientists can experiment with parameters and variables online in the cloud. Real life physical experiments can be validated and hypotheses tested to see which physical tests are worthwhile. This eliminates hours of costly, tedious failed experiments. In fact, up to 70% of wasted trial-and-error can be prevented. The entire organization benefits from better workflows, a more efficient R&D cycle and faster time to market.

Research findings not available in the lab

Breakthrough insights into materials and how they interact are possible, including those which standard lab experimentation cannot provide. Users can study a system’s static and dynamic properties (e.g. stability, rheology), or see how different ingredients or environmental factors affect those properties. They can alter parameters such as gravity to try out exciting new ideas. Deeper levels of understanding enhance research programmes and support faster product development.

From the molecular scale to the meso scale

Molecular and meso scale insights

Both current and new research programmes benefit from the ability to dive into a formulation and see interactions and phenomena in 3D. Results can be seen on both the meso and molecular scales, which is unique to RheoCube. Organizations gain deep insights on the materials used in their products. This empowers them to progress towards data-driven R&D, while freeing scientists to add value by focusing on additional research.

Browser-based experiments

RheoCube offers on-demand computing and modeling capabilities, without the need to invest in a large team of modeling experts. As the solution is browser-based, expensive on-site compute clusters are not needed. Costly trial-and-error is reduced, as multiple virtual experiments can run simultaneously in the background. Deep insights on materials make it easier to improve lab supply purchasing, reduce waste and get to market at lower cost.

Data analysis & visualization

RheoCube offers an extensive, easy to use set of tools for data analysis and visualization, which are presented on a dashboard. The dashboard includes analysis methods commonly used in real life labs such as flow curves for meso scale simulations or radial distribution functions for molecular scale experiments. In addition, several 3D visualization tools can be used to study the evolution of a formulation over time in a way that cannot be done in a real life lab. This shows, for example, how fluids mix, how particles deform, and how molecules cluster during a simulation. All plots and visualizations can be easily exported for presentations and reports.

Let RheoCube work for you

Interested in seeing more of RheoCube, or learning how it can aid your teams’ efficiency? Feel free to reach out to one of our product specialists.