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Published on September 1, 2021 by Angela Blake

RheoCube refreshes logo and branding

At RheoCube we are excited to launch our fresh strategic brand identity, including a new logo. This latest step in our company journey better represents our position as market leader in simulation software for research and development.

This new chapter in RheoCube’s story is highly reflective of the evolution of our product and our expert team. The new logo and visual identity encapsulate our company vision of R&D as a future-proof discipline that blends the best of traditional practice, computing power, and digital innovation. 

Jurjen van Rees, MSc, COO at RheoCube comments, “At RheoCube, we believe it’s time to put the power of rheology simulations in the hands of experimental R&D scientists. With RheoCube it’s possible to perform trial and error at scale, creating virtual formulations with desired physical characteristics experimentation in the cloud. The potential for researchers is enormous when it comes to digital simulations. We will continue to develop our platform into a fully immersive and intuitive research environment.”

Users of RheoCube can truly discover why their product behaves the way that it does. They can make smarter decisions with prototype simulations for product development, saving time and money in lengthy R&D processes.

RheoCube CEO, Eric Lorenz, PhD, states, “The capabilities of RheoCube open up a whole new world of discovery for research scientists. We envision a world in which theoretical physics and chemistry come to life in an interactive way, where bottom-up scientific simulations are used as a vital way to solve R&D problems.”

The launch of our new brand identity is a compelling time for RheoCube as we continue to drive the transformation of the R&D cycle. Bringing scientific theories to virtual life, we pride ourselves on RheoCube’s capacity to optimize research programs. 

About RheoCube

RheoCube is re-imagining R&D, with the first digital simulation tool for experimental scientists. Our solution drives a deeper understanding of the rheological behavior of complex fluids. It removes barriers to experimentation and delivers new research insights not possible before. As the only solution of its kind, RheoCube is fully equipped with all necessary tools and resources and is designed to work as a complement to the traditional wet lab.

Scientists can step into a virtual lab, and benefit from on-demand computing capacity. They can experiment with component properties and experiment conditions online, run multiple simultaneous experiments, collaborate virtually, and fine-tune the compositions of materials for specific applications. The result is a faster, smarter R&D cycle. RheoCube was developed alongside scientists and industry, resulting in a tried, tested, and trusted product. Our tool grew up alongside the industry, and is ready for your team to start using.