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Published on April 26, 2022 by Jenny Maat

How to exploit visualization in your R&D

RheoCube’s Modeling Expert, Nick Tito joined this year’s Cleaning Products Europe pre-event Masterclass. He delivered an insightful presentation to an international audience. As part of this session, Nick examined some of the more common misconceptions around using simulations in R&D.

R&D departments are only now starting to understand the benefits of simulations. Their capacity to save time and resources in product development is unprecedented, and they are needed more than ever. At the same time, some common misconceptions still exist within industry around using simulations to fast-track R&D results. Some statements that reflect the need for new learnings are as follows:

“Only specialists can do simulations”

“You cannot simulate real life”

“Simulations are not predictive”

In this video, Nick evaluates each of these statements. He provides the relevant answers and offers a clear rationale for any company in considering the use of simulations in their R&D.

Tapping into a simulation platform such as RheoCube also brings some exciting, often unexpected benefits to chemical R&D and these are also highlighted. Many features are simply not possible in the lab, such as the ability increase or decrease gravity during an experiment. Digitally, the boundaries of real-life are surpassed, and that paves the way for new, breakthrough insights on complex fluids.

Simulations are set to become ubiquitous in R&D. Discover how your company can overcome the barriers to using them. You can also read our blog post, which offers some great insights on the topic of simulations and formulating.

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