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Published on January 7, 2021 by Angela Blake

The benefits of digital R&D don’t just begin and end in the lab. A Simulation-as-a-Service platform such as RheoCube offers some other benefits that you may not have thought of yet. From keeping track of projects, to security and sustainability, there are some other hidden gems for your company’s R&D.

By now, one thing is certain. Don’t wait until you are forced to adapt your R&D to the digital world. Take charge now and be at the forefront of digitized innovation. In that, Digital R&D is the key to ramping up product development. For more background on this, see our blog post on The Rise of Digital R&D. Now, while cost and efficiency wins are obvious benefits of digitization, what you might be less aware of are some spin-off benefits. Let’s take a look at a few now.

2020 will go down in history as a hectic year for business. Despite that, we still saw some positive impacts in sustainability and efficiency. For instance, fewer employees were needed on site due to Covid-19 lockdowns, resulting in less commuter traffic. That helped to curb CO2 pollution in addition to lessening the use of energy resources in workspaces. Simulation software helps labs to thrive in this setting. There is the immediate lessened strain on energy resources in large offices and labs. For instance, R&D departments can maintain sustainability goals by cutting down on the purchase and use of materials, like chemicals or equipment.

Scientists can work remotely via the laptop, without having to trek to the lab for every test. The R&D department enjoys efficiency gains, fewer costly materials used, and optimal lab processes. Therefore, the use of simulation software in your R&D can be considered a natural step towards becoming more sustainable. And that’s going to prove very useful in tomorrow’s markets. For example, Chemicals companies are already pledging to reduce their carbon footprints and CO2 emissions. That’s an effort which typically involves using less ingredients, which is exactly where a digital solution can help.

Digitized R&D helps to transform traditional processes and communications, so projects can run more smoother and faster. The modern workforce is already adapting to new 21st century reforms (HR, diverse and inclusive workspaces, job benefits, etc). With a digital-ready workforce ushering in an abundance of tech-heavy offices and communications, personnel are increasingly connected on collaborative projects. For example, Simulation-as-a-Service platforms like RheoCube are perfect for collaboration. They brings R&D teams the benefit of being able to collaborate with colleagues from home, and across the world. If people can connect and easier to learn from each other, it generates better data-driven insights. Duplication of effort is avoided because people learn from each other, and less time is spent on low-value trial-and-error activities.

Security and access control
A key factor in any R&D operation is to ensure confidentiality and security around sensitive documentation. Information security is a hot topic in any digital strategy and is vital with the sensitive nature of R&D in pharmaceuticals and personal care products. The simulation-as-a-service platform helps here by making increased supply chain transparency more beneficial than scary.
First, with access and user rights strengthened, there are overarching legal protections. Consider privacy regulations in the EU. A digital solution that’s based in the heart of the E.U. will know how to abide by these regulations. Therefore, your compliance team can rest easy knowing that security is automated and strong.

Second, simulation software programs like RheoCube have built-in protections against outside actors. Paperwork and sensitive documents are safe behind strong product security. This mean there’s less risk of information sabotage. Digitizing your R&D now means you can improve processes without worrying about it.

Leave a digital paper trail
It is already crucial in R&D to keep track of steps taken. Finding out what worked, what didn’t, and how an experiment was done is key information to feed into subsequent experiments. However, what’s also vital is a digital paper trail. This helps to detail the formation of projects and tests run for R&D while simplifying the processes at the same time.
By having a logging system in a digitized environment, time and effort are saved in everything from gathering old insights, comparing new adjustments, to understanding the route taken by your R&D team to formulate new tests and outcomes. Leaving a digital paper trail helps to clarify any mysteries surrounding the R&D process, share learnings with colleagues, moreover clarifying and expediting project development.

The benefits of Simulation Software
Rounding out the above points, RheoCube meets all of those standards. This breakthrough simulation software provides a secure platform to conduct your experimental chemistry, lessens the cost of in-lab operations, empowers your team to collaborate across the globe from remote locations, and provides a digital “paper trail” of projects. The option to switch over has never been an easier one to take.

Furthermore, simulation software is supportive of companies keen on ramping up their R&D transition into the digital realm. The future is here, and it’s time to take the next progressive step. Defining and implementing the digital strategy of your R&D is going to be what accelerates your product development into the future.