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Published on August 13, 2021 by Jenny Maat

As the summer holidays are underway, our team has been busy bringing users fresh updates to RheoCube. Included in the latest release are enhancements for our Data Analysis and Visualization tools, better representations of sampling with new histograms, and much, much more. All of our improvements are here to better support R&D teams in their product development journey. Scroll down to read more about our latest improvements, additions, and adjustments. 


Sampling Characteristics

When you preprocess particles, formulations or states, the statistical information about the particle samplings gets generated. Many of the parameters are specified as a probability distribution and represented by a curve. The characteristics of the actual sampling (after pre-processing) are represented as a histogram in the Preview tab.


For the particles, the probability curve and the sampling histogram are plotted together. This will give you a good idea of how the sampling compares to the specification. In addition, we have added “Volume as a function of size”, which has a reference curve for perfect spheres.

For State you can inspect the radial distribution in a histogram


Improved microscale coarse graining and temperature dependence

Our microscale simulation code now contains an improved coarse graining procedure that should help improve the predictions of viscosity. A temperature dependence has also been introduced, that should allow the simulation of different phase behavior as a function of temperature.

Important! The temperature dependence assumes that the HSP values were measured at 293 K. The results of the microscale simulations will strongly depend on the accuracy of inputted HSP values.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Faster Heatmaps

Generating heat maps is much faster than in previous releases. Also, the interface of the heatmap plots has changed and now closely resembles that of other plots.

Isosurfaces in videos

Isosurface generation is now significantly faster, making it possible to include isosurfaces in videos. In experiments with well defined boundaries, isosurfaces can be used to visualize the system in a realistic manner.

Widget overview in Manual

Under Data Analysis and Visualization you will find a Widgets menu item. This gives users access to manual pages for several widgets including, but not limited to experiment information, interactive visualization, and a video generator. 

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