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Published on October 5, 2021 by Jenny Maat

Hot on the heels of speaking at the Coatings Trends and Technologies event in Chicago, the RheoCube team was back out there again, this time at the The Next Web – TNW event. Hosted in the Dutch city of Zandaam, this top tech event provides nice insights into the tech world and thought leadership. For RheoCube, which lives on the edge of what’s possible in tech and science, it was a must-see. 

Some of the useful B2B marketing tips included guidance on creating FOMO for your product, to make people want to jump on board. Of course, we were also reminded to never, ever forget the human connection too. There was an interesting chat on quantum computing and it’s capacity to solve various issues in industries like aviation, and compensate for the shortcomings of traditional computing. Interestingly, the Netherlands is at the forefront of quantum, a known leader in Europe.

Another point that struck home was the crucial importance of consumer development and the vital need to develop hypotheses on your customers: test, learn, rinse and repeat. Every person on your team should understand the customer and you should remain intrigued by them  – always. Indeed, deeper customer and market insights are a focus for us at RheoCube, so this really resonated among us. Same could be said for the discussion on merging marketing and technology within organizations.

As with any contemporary events, the topic of sustainability was never far away. We got a reminder of the implications of this burning issue and the need to act fast. A key comment was that whether we take action or not, our future will be radical: Either we radically change, or we live on a radically different planet. Definitely some food for thought.

There were also presentations on hot topics such as the use of social media during the pandemic, the wins that come from enriching data, and the 20-2-20 rule for capturing attention online. All in all TNW was a thought-driving event with many insightful conversations, and ultimately a great show was put on. Armed with new ideas and thoughts, we are all set to enrich our strategy as we move onto the next event.

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RheoCube at TNW