Breakthrough product research capabilities

Complex fluids underlie many products, such as cosmetics, cleaners or paint. In many cases, the R&D team has a limited knowledge of the processes determining the rheological behavior of these fluids. They lack detailed insights on the small scale structure of particle suspensions, emulsions or dispersions. This happens for a variety of reasons - certain variables are too expensive to include in research, or there’s no time to learn from failed experiments. A lack of clarity around rheology means lost potential to enhance product performance. RheoCube unlocks this potential by providing a means to probe deeper into a product’s materials. 

Complex Fluids are truly complex

  • In a complex fluid, ingredient properties and interactions lead to the formation of specific microstructures and dynamics. These in turn are responsible for various rheological effects and transport properties (e.g. separation).
  • A well-built simulation model can shed light on the origins of rheological behavior. It includes detailed models of ingredients, which account for their mechanical and physical chemical properties and the interactions between them.
  • By capturing these insights, RheoCube can illustrate a complex fluid’s rheological behavior. 
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